My name is Megan Snipes, and I'm the author, creator and designer of the Posterity Playbook™ System.  I know first-hand what it's like to be the executor of an estate without any proactive planning in place.

When my mother died, I became her estate executor by default.  I was 24 years old, and living half-way across the United States at the time.  We had never talked about her surely-in-the-distant future death in any capacity, and we certainly never had discussed who would be responsible for wrapping up her affairs when that time eventually came.

I learned quickly that the stress of losing a loved one can be compounded significantly for a family member who also must act as the estate executor. I am passionate about helping people avoid this unnecessary duress, frustration and confusion.  My goal is to help others set themselves up for invaluable peace of mind proactively, and to provide those responsible for handling estate matters as much order and clarity as possible, at a time when it's needed most.
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